The Social Profile Checklist

The Social Profile Checklist

Your social profile needs to be DESIGNED—thousands of people are seeing it everyday! 

Optimizing your profile should be the beginning of your work on social media. It's your first and ongoing impression! Then, your content becomes reputation and relationship management at scale! 

Here's a checklist to make sure each social networks' profile is full of smart AND authentic choices.


1. Consistent Profile Picture

Your profile photo is #1. You've probably already discovered it's one of the most engaging updates you can make on Facebook. But here's the deal... your photo should be the same on each network.

Think of golden arches, a shiny apple, or the green mermaid—discovering you in a noisy, crowded environment is a sigh of relief. I found the [insert your name—especially if it's common].


You can still change your profile photo from time to time—but keep it consistent across the web. Bonus points if you pre-crop your photo into a square! This will help with consistency and upload size requirements.


2. Storytelling Design

Pretty much every network now has a header photo or cover image. Sometimes, you can even customize the background or link color! 

Know why? You need space to show personality, passion and/or purpose! Once I view this attractive profile photo... I want to know more!


So tell me—what are you all about? This can be another photo of you (in your environment or with friends) or an advertising space for your current work. 

Here are some helpful dimensions. If you don't have Photoshop, try using Canva or Pic Monkey!

  • Facebook: 851x315 pixels
  • Twitter: 1500x500 pixels
  • YouTube: 2560x1440 pixels
  • LinkedIn: 1400x425 pixes
  • Google+: 1080x608 pixels


3. Bio

The bio space is the most underutilized piece of real estate online. Now that I've seen your face, gotten a sense of your personality... I still want learn more "About" you! 

Questions to answer in your short bio:

1) Who are you? 

Again... show personality!

2) What do you do... and why should I care?!

This is where you can show credibility. I'd also use keywords that allude to your predominant content themes.

Do not let fear of writing paralyze you! You can always edit.

Consistency is great with bios, too—though networks may require minor customization. 


4. Contact Information

The last thing to offer is a link to contact you. Ideally, this is your official website. 

Don't have one? No excuses! Make one on today. Alternatively, you can funnel visitors to another social profile to grow followers there.

Eventually—get a website. What happens if (or really when) social media isn't a free for all—but paid platforms?

What are some examples of great social profile design? Comment below!

Tony Howell is a digital strategist dedicated to helping you design your future—creating offline success from your online presence.