Mark Price

Mark Price

"My success has always been at the result of carving my own path."

-Mark Price

Mark Price is one of those super humans who can do it all—acting, writing, directing, coaching and more. He's also a super human because of the heart he shares so openly in all he does.

It is my honor and privilege to present this interview. Enjoy learning!

Why are you an actor?

Everything that I do falls under the umbrella of helping people arrive at the idea that they’re enough. I get to do that for others when I coach or teach, as well as myself when I perform or write. Being an actor teaches us how to be better humans.


What are you most known for?

Good question, you tell me! 

See intro above, Mark! 🙂


What do you want to be known for?

For rocking people’s worlds and cultivating more truth and courage on this planet.


What are you currently working on or towards?

Just started my company Alchemy Collective, which teaches people simple meditation for innovative performance.



I’ve spent the last two years studying for this, which led me to Rishikesh, India. 



Now, I’m interested in serving the fuck out of creatives because I am one.

In the performing world, I’m currently working at Theatre Aspen and will be doing The Producers in the fall at PaperMill Playhouse.



Who’ve been some of the mentors/teachers instrumental to your success?

Honestly, I’ve been so fortunate because I’ve never fit in and my success has always been at the result of carving my own path. I’ve had some extraordinary humans help me nurture my own voice and show me major fucking compassion when I couldn’t do that for myself. Those personal heroes of mine would be Beverly Bubenik (Junior High), Tim Driscoll (High School), and Mary Corsaro (college), as well as my own father.

Never underestimate the power and privilege of being a teacher!



If you could offer advice to your younger self or young aspiring artists, what would it be?

Stop trying to fit in. In fact, stop trying, period. Stop looking for validation or love, find someone who can teach you how to provide that for yourself and you will become a Jedi Master.


And if you find someone who claims there is one as an artist... they’re a liar, liar, pants on fire.


What do you love about the digital age we live in?

It’s a connector, a unifier if you use it wisely. That’s a beautiful thing that has lead to some great political and global movements. But we have to be careful, we’ve become addicted to bad news and the pain points because it’s easy to sell. How radical it would be if we cultivated a sense of fulfillment, happiness and well-being that inspired others? 


My happy place. #nature #aspencolorado #theatreaspen

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What do you hate about the digital age we live in?

Everyone can label themselves as pros and experts for something without having done the work. We’re in an age of “opinion diarrhea.” To quote another hero of mine, Paul Jarvis, "Advice isn’t inherently bad or evil. What I dislike is everyone’s rush to move away from doing things or making things and into peddling advice instead. Advice is actually harder to sell than simply doing creative work anyway. Advice requires a critical mass of belief (otherwise known as domain expertise or authority). Yet we rush headlong towards it, hoping we’ll strike gold at any minute.”

We have the power to connect, but we must form our own opinions, learn something, then get to the business of creating and adding value on a daily basis.


Why did you choose to “get creative” with us?

You and your team are rock stars. You get it, you’re smart, and I like creating with you guys. 



How would you describe the process/experience?

Of creating the website? A blast. I knew both you and Maggie beforehand, so we had a shorthand with each other that enabled us to build something we loved. 


What responses or results have you received?

Honestly, you’d probably be better off kindly asking others, I make it my business to not care, but the most important thing is that I’m happy, my team is happy that represent me, and that’s what matters.


Okay… rapid fire:

Favorite Social Network: I only really participate in one: Instagram. Facebook terrifies me.


Ridiculously fun shoot with @justinpatterson today. Thanks for your mad talent and humor!

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Favorite Book: Can’t name one, but here’s a few:

Favorite Movie: The Trip to Bountiful

When I feel I don’t know how to act, I either watch Robert Duval or Geraldine Paige in this film. No moment is wasted!

Favorite Place in NYC: Lincoln Center is a magical place.

Favorite Person in the World: My partner and my father.



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Is there any last bit of advice or wisdom you’d like to share?

“Give everything. Expect nothing. Move on.” Harold Pinter


Such incredible words, Mark Price. Thank you!

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