Lindsay Rider

Lindsay Rider

"You must know who you are...  but it's okay to not know!"

-Lindsay Rider 


I've always known of Lindsay Rider. She's been on my radar as an incredibly talented and incredibly productive artist/producer. As you'll soon she, she's also a heart-centered business woman... gearing up to launch something very exciting!

For those that don’t know you, tell us a little bit about Lindsay Rider!

I'm a singer, entrepreneur and voice teacher! I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, went to Ithaca College for my Bachelors, then came to the big city for my Masters at the Manhattan School of Music.

Since graduating, I've been busy with all sorts of projects—ranging from opera and musical theater to pop and recording. I've also taken an interest in producing. 

Things are always evolving over here!



What are you currently working on or towards? 

Right now I'm prepping to launch a brand spankin' new business which embraces all of the exciting slashes in my life. Stay tuned!!!



Why did you choose to do some private coaching with CSM?

I chose Tony because he understands my background and the unique requirements of a creative business. He's on the pulse of the important social media/marketing trends and offers accessible, honest and entertaining assistance!  


What are some of the biggest things you learned from our work together?

I learned SO much! (Can't just give it all away here.) BUT, I will say that Tony helped me to adjust the way I approached social media in my personal and business life.  He walked me through simple steps to make measurable change in my business, and offers solid techniques to guide me when he's not in my Google Hangout. 😀



What's your biggest piece of advice to aspiring artists?

You must know who you are.  All of your creative work, branding and messaging comes from that place.  Also, it's okay to not know! We're all on a journey!


"Vision of Love"

A sample of Lindsay Rider SANGIN'' "Vision of Love" with the band from yesterday's rehearsal. Just a taste of what to expect this Wednesday at Uncharted - Lindsay @ The Triad. Get your tickets yet?(Lindsay, I'm officially your manager.)

Posted by Michael Mott on Sunday, November 3, 2013

I was delighted to get to work with you, Lindsay!

I hope that your work is continued to be seen and heard by larger audiences.

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