3 Strategies for Social Success


Social media gives you the power to reach billions instantly and semi-permanently. However, it's definitely an art, not a science.

Social media is usually art + copy... or writing + design. 

Editing is encouraged.

Below are three strategies for your social media (...or "filters" as I like to call them). 

Like the filters on Instagram, they're meant to enhance what you share. 

Give these strategies a shot through your own filter(s). You can apply them offline, too! 


1) Share Your #1 Self.

#1 Self = Authenticity + Strategy.

The way I used to define this is "Share your best and truest self consistently."  

The formulas are synonymous. The important thing is you're strategizing the way you authentically share yourself.

Sharing your #1 self encourages you to actually be your best self.

Sharing your truest self means keeping it real and authentic... not projecting a facade of perfection (that you're not). No one is... stay relatable!

I do believe you should keep your content consistent.... and keep it positive! 

The formula(s) should guide you into sharing your best moments... or making the best of each moment you share. 😉


2) Put Your Audience First.

Social media isn't about you.

Business isn't about you.

Life isn't about you.


It's always about what you can do for others. (At least, that's what I believe.) 

Putting it another way...

If you want followers, you have to be a leader!

Especially in social media, entrepreneurship and entertainment... narcissism is rampant.

Put your audience first. You'll then attract quality and quantity.


3) Add Value.

What's in it for them? 

We're inherently selfish.

Even if your value add is exclusive access to your daily life... that's fine! 

We're your friend or follower because we want to stay connected! We don't get to see you every day... so sharing your life through social media lets us in on the experiences.

However, please look at your intention behind every post. Make sure you're sharing, not selling. Giving, not asking. 

Pride is positive, but know you’ve got nothing to prove. Just be truthful.

Be a human and share your story. It can impact hundreds and thousands and millions and billions... but only if you put it out there.