Bret Shuford

"My personal mission is to use my creativity to bring awareness of the human impact on each other and the planet and in doing so find fulfillment."

-Bret Shuford

Bret Shuford has it all—the career, the business, the man and the plan. Having worked with Bret onstage and online in the past, I was delighted to build the NEW, as well as launch and

Check out his advice to artists + entrepreneurs!

Beyond your résumé and THREE websites... what’s something we may not know about Bret Shuford?

I think a lot of people would be shocked at just how nerdy I am in general. I know way to much about Walt Disney and his legacy. It attests to my passion for history, creation, and innovation I think, also why I’m so young at heart. 

What are you currently working on or towards? 

As an Actor, I’m working to continue playing Principal roles on Broadway, Television and Film.

As a Certified Life Coach, I hope to finish my book this summer, and start teaching leadership workshops.

As a human, I hope to start the adoption process with my husband within the next year.



What’s your advice for aspiring artists? 

Work on self-knowledge and building a healthy internal relationship for nurturing your artist. It's essential not only as an acting tool, but in tolerating the ups and downs of show business.



What do you love about the digital age we live in?

I love the endless ways in which we can express ourselves. I’m obsessed with Dubsmash!


The cow goes...? #dubsmash #lessons #watchout

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But it seems almost everyday there is a new app or website that gives us a way to create and share who we are. I hope we never take that for granted.


What do you hate about the digital age we live in?

It’s very easy for people to mask who they truly are through social media—which can bring a lot of issues of trust and inauthenticity into play. Also, people become obsessed with how many followers they have, as opposed to true human connections they make.



What’s your favorite place in NYC?

The West Village. Particularly 10th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue. Every town house on those blocks is like a little piece of NYC heaven. 


Why did you choose to “get creative” with us?

I appreciate the aesthetic, and your experience.  You know what it’s like to be an actor, and an entrepreneur. I also knew that you would allow me to be as detailed or not detailed as I needed to be, and I appreciate that.


How would you describe the process/experience?

Very easy. You were open to my ideas, but strong and vocal of your own. We were able to converse easily, and I loved the step-by-step simplicity of your instructions!  Thank You.


What responses or results have you received from your new website?

I’m noticing a lot of people signing up for my email blasts already. Everyone loves the maturity and classiness of each sit. I can’t wait until Joe Mantello realizes from my site, I’m his next star!


I love this man and was honored to collaborate with him... thrice! 

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