The #1 Mistake I See Daily


If you've ever attended my webinars, seminars or built a website with my team, you know that I always include email.

Though branding, websites, social media and Google results are all a huge part of the bigger picture, people often forget they are sending messages daily...and I'm not just talking about the words you're using.

If you're going to build a name for yourself, you need two things when it comes to email...


1. Professional Email Address

Your email address should be a professional representation of you. I recommend [email protected] ...or [email protected] if you're fancy!

Avoid building an empire (or community) around school, work or dated email accounts. (I'm looking at you, AOL users!)

If your name is already taken, I share some ideas here. The big idea is to always use your first name—whether email, social or domains.

Use your full first name, then get creative. This way, when someone's browser autofills the rest of the address, they don't have a hard time connecting to you! You don't want to lose opportunities because you have a fun or creative address no one can remember or find.


2. Simple Email Signature

High quality design is often minimalistic—you strip away anything that isn't necessary. If you've set your website up correctly, I believe your email signature should simply be...




That's it! No fancy code or graphics needed.

While I believe in cross promotion (turning email contacts into website visitors and social subscribers and vice-versa), analysis paralysis is a real thing. 

While you can get very creative (including social icons or links in your email signature), you can also capture that interest once you've invited people over to your "dream home" and "24/7 buffet" at your website!

You're giving them one choice to make, rather than three or more. 

Please make the time today to add "" to the email signatures on all of your devices and accounts.

If you're going to spend time, money and energy on new photos, videos and a website—invite people over! 

"Sent from my iPhone" is a lost opportunity. You're advertising for Apple, not for yourself.

Furthermore, include your website address (versus all of your social links) wherever possibleweb and print bios, business cards, industry profiles and more. Not only can you then better control the impression(s) you're making, you're also helping to raise your Google search results. 😁