17 Going On 18


Two recent #ArtistsToArtist quotes inspired today's post, alongside a "2017 Top Ten" email from Boat Ashore Productions. 

A post shared by Tony Howell (@tonyhowell) on

A post shared by Tony Howell (@tonyhowell) on

Before you go all gung-ho on 2018 goals (and actions), gift yourself 20 minutes of self-reflection and strategic analysis. Acknowledging and celebrating your achievements in 2017 will give you fuel for 2018! 


Look Back


Look back over the last twelve months in your calendar. Make a bulleted list of 2017 achievements.

  • January

  • February

Cross-check this list with your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can see your best moments, as well as see what resonated with your audience!

You may want to finish by visiting your online banking and seeing how many deposits you made—giving you a ballpark figure of your 2017 income. 


Acknowledge Achievements

Look back at your best moments in 2017. Acknowledge where you've grown and celebrate all that you've accomplished!

  • Relationships?

  • Income?

  • Jobs?

  • Travel?


Consider Sharing

While you may be shy, this is an excellent time of year when industry VIPs are actually more apt to open your email or engage with your social media.

If you choose to share your 2017 Highlights with others, recognize that in addition to the fuel you just gave yourself for 2018, you have the opportunity to do a bit of personal marketing (staying top-of-mind).

While this may feel uncomfortable for you, your contacts actually "like" you and "follow" you in order to stay up-to-date.

Sharing your best moments may inspire others to do this for themselves!