12 Ways to Slay Your Next Instagram Takeover


1. Secure the Job

Usually, you're chosen because you're an influencer or can offer a unique perspective to an audience.

If you're asked, great! If you're not, consider pitching yourself for the job

Once you've got the gig, ask your host about their goals for the takeover. Usually, this is about new audiences (views, followers, sales, etc.). However, it may be about existing audiences—just fun engagement and community building!


2. Make a Plan

The person giving you the job will likely have detailed instructions for you—date, time, password, etc.

Let their goals dictate the what, where and how of your posts. The most popular are Instagram stories. However, see if they'll experiment with a cocktail of all three content types—posts, stories and a LIVE broadcast. 


3. Consider a Hashtag

A custom hashtag is a great way to see all relevant posts after the takeover.

While you may only be using 24-hour stories, consider asking your fans to share something using a specific hashtag!

A custom hashtag (especially one filled with user-generated content) will show the marketing team you're a strong social media partner.


4. Make the Announcements

Ideally, your host creates and shares a graphic that you can then repost. If not, you can whip up a pretty professional graphic using Canva.com.

Consider reposting... and not just to Instagram. It's likely you were asked (or ideally hired) to bring new audiences to this brand. Make sure you fully deliver by posting about your takeover to your Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat...


5. Introduce Yourself

Make your first takeover post an introduction to the channel's existing followers.

Don't be self-promotional... just say hello and explain your relationship to the host. You might want to tease and entice with what to expect during the takeover.

Consider posting the same video to your personal channels (yes... plural) to remind your followers of your takeover on the day of.

Pro Tip: Don't overdo the reminders before, during or after your takeover. It'll be more exciting in the moment. It's why we have so much LIVE or expiring content.

Social media is becoming much more about authentic moments and stories, not planned marketing campaigns... even if they are!
— @TonyHowell


6. Capture, Then Share... Strategically

Take photos and videos on your camera roll... then upload to Instagram. You may not know this, but you can access your camera roll on stories by swiping up!

If you're uncomfortable, consider having someone post for you. Your host may even prefer to do the job. Just use iCloud or text to share the media.

The benefit of having someone post for you is they may be more talented at tags, timing or tone. Remember the goal(s)... and make sure you meet or exceed them!


7. Be Creative, Authentic, Generous and Fun!

  • Take us fully behind-the-scenes.

  • Show us your family, community or colleagues.

  • Interview people or play games like Billy on the Street.

  • Teach an insider tip or trick.

  • Take a vote or ask a simple question to drive comments.

  • Run a Q&A session of your own... ask people to comment with their questions.

  • Go LIVE to broadcast a big moment!


8. Share Gratitude... and Your Handle

To wrap, thank your host for having you and your audience for tuning in. Then, invite them to follow your daily adventures by sharing your clickable handle.

This is the only subtle self-promotion here. The laws of karma and reciprocity (give, give, give, give, give...) should create a great return for you.


9. Remind Your Audience

Post a thank you to your own channels—even recycling one of your favorite takeover posts.

It's likely some of your followers missed the announcement, got busy or forgot to tune in. This thank you post will drive even more people to check out your takeover—improving your metrics.

In terms of a caption or script, I'd suggest something similar to your last takeover post. Thank your audience for tuning in and thank your host for having you—with a clickable link to their profile. 😉


10. Invest in Engagement

Spend a few extra minutes liking comments and/or replying... especially on the account you took over.

This will solidify a strong impression or connection with that individual and likely result in long-term fans for you.

(Engagement may also be worthwhile to have someone helping you with... not just posting.)


11. Share a Bonus

Your bonus can be another genuine thank you after reading all of the comments. Perhaps share a video as you literally get into bed? I've also seen people share outtakes—like a blooper real at the end.

Just go that extra mile... finish strong!


12. Measure Your Success

Send a thank you email to your host and ask them how they thought things went. 

I bet you'll be surprised at your success... and how quickly you're asked to do another takeover!

Be sure to tell me your Instagram handle!

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