"Every time I connect with Tony I feel empowered and enlightened"

"It's rare to find someone who is both an intuitive, thoughtful, elegant and sensitive artist and a responsible, ethical, visionary businessperson. Extremely rare. I have worked with Tony on two different websites; one for my one person show and one for myself as a professional. In both cases, Tony was responsive, passionate and full of ideas on the one hand but also able to combine his expertise with the very individual and unique person and artist that each one of his clients represents. I don’t feel that Tony has a 'cookie cutter' mentality but instead hears, sees and really creates a new vision for each client. He does this with remarkable organization, meets (and often is done in advance of) all deadlines, sets up extremely clear goals and expectations and to top if all off, includes a way for his clients to learn how to maintain their own sites; he is a wonderful and patient teacher. I have worked with Tony for a period of three years now and every time I connect with him I always feel empowered and enlightened. Plus he makes it fun!"

Kate Fuglei, Los Angeles

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