"No matter the level—it'll take you higher"

"Tony Howell is incredible. What an asset he has become in my professional life. I was always of the mindset that someone with a career like mine didn't need a website. Oh boy, was I wrong. Tony helped me to realize that I needed the 'right' website, something especially for me. What a gift he has been—and he's the gift that keeps on giving. I literally have a place where professionals, regular people and employers who are interested in me can go learn what I'm doing and explore what I've done—all in one clean, concise, and very cool place. I only share when I think it's beneficial. Tony Howell's expertise and knowledge would benefit any artist's career. No matter the level—it'll take you higher!"

Nathan Lee Graham, New York

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WebsitesTony Howell
"I've gotten several jobs... a show on Broadway"

"Tony is a wonderful person to work with. I have complete confidence in him, his ideas, and could not have wished for a friendlier and creative person. The ability to control my own site, to update whenever I need and have it look professional and beautiful, I could not be any happier with the process. I’ve already gotten several jobs and emails from the website—from prospective students, performances, to a show on Broadway!"

Dr. Ray Wong, New York

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WebsitesTony Howell
"Worth the investment"

"If you are looking for a knowledgeable, trustworthy professional to assist you in identifying and executing your brand and making your website so kick ass—then Tony is absolutely your guy. He just gets it. He is a master of the craft of online, web, seo, brand execution, and understanding your viewer. He makes clear what was once a muddy mess in my brain. Tony's services are worth the investment!!"

JJ Ignotz, New York

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"Human and approachable"

"Tony Howell is THE consummate professional artists media and brand consultant! Not only does he show you how to develop your personal brand, website, social media platforms, and email subscriber list, but also places major emphasis on what you are GIVING to your community. Tony makes the slick self marketing world human and approachable for anyone!"

Alida Michal, New York

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"Brilliant... helped me focus"

"Tony in one word is brilliant! He is knowledgeable, thoughtful, strategic, professional, and he truly wants to see you succeed! I am the type of person who wants to do it all! Pretty soon I had multiple pages across every social media channel and my website. Tony looked at everything and gave me honest feedback and really helped me focus on my goals, what was important to me, and helped me strategize how I could use the things I had already built to get me there. We refined my brand together based on my desired outcome and when I walked away, I felt like I had a clear road map to where I needed to go. When I came to Tony I thought I needed to 're-brand' and start from scratch. Tony gave me the tools I needed to take action immediately to make my brand more cohesive instead of starting completely over. I do everything like I have six months to live so the fact that I knew exactly what steps I needed to take after our meeting was huge! I would definitely recommend working with Tony!"

Tara Rae Bradford, New York

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"Mentor, visionary, and friend"

"TONY IS AMAZING - he is everything you've ever wanted in a coach, mentor, visionary, and friend. He is positively bursting with ideas and energy and can't wait to share his knowledge with you, which is vast, from branding, to content strategy, to web design, social marketing and more. Tony is the rarest of human beings who just immediately 'gets it,' all while making you feel as if you're the only person/project in the world. He's a treasure!"

Jeanette Bonner, New York

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"Fresh and fun content ideas"

"Tony was so great with giving us actionable ideas and information that we have so, so much explore. We got everything that we were hoping for and more! His expertise is thorough, relevant and so valuable! We've been able to further refine and streamline our entire social media approach, as well as implement some fresh and fun content ideas. I have and will continue to recommend Tony to anyone looking to refine or beef up their digital marketing and branding strategy."

Jason Weston, New York

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"Lifetime access... a supportive community of artists"

"The Business of Show has changed. Our online presence is as important as our offline presence. Talk to Tony Howell! His information is invaluable. He genuinely cares and provides individual feedback. What really convinced me before I enrolled was the fact that once you enroll it is lifetime access—meaning you get all future classes and live streams with guests. As busy as I am, I looked forward to Tony's weekly modules. His videos and live streams with top industry people kept me focused on my goals. You also become part of a supportive community of artists who are equally busy, but who have also utilized Tony's expertise. Having my eyes opened to more effective uses of social media, and the need to have a consistent professional profile picture was groundbreaking. The website module opened my eyes quite a bit, too. I really understand now. I am grateful for all that I learned and that I continue to learn. Thank you Tony, for being on the cutting edge of technology."

Richarda Abrams, New York 

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"Upgraded... able to streamline and simplify"

"I’ve learned how to handle information efficiently. It’s like Tony upgraded our tool from mallets and stone to scalpels and lasers. Though it was a very hectic time in our season when we had him, we still were able to streamline many aspects of the organization’s media. We can now confidently focus on the avenues of communication with our audiences which were not as clear before. Simplifying what can seem chaotic to a system we can manage (that starts with where we actually are and then growing from there) was a gift."

Marcus Paul James, New York

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