"If I could give Tony ten stars, I would! I've worked with Tony on not one, but two projects now. I set up a recent session with him in regards to my YouTube series that I've created. I knew Tony could help focus my goals, teach me tricks, help me fine tune my brand and take things to the next level. When I walked in at the start of our meeting, Tony jumped right in with an incredible game plan for me and a lot of information I am now able to take with me and use to further my project and career. I'm already looking forward to the next time I get to meet with him! He is worth every penny and more."

-Hillary Colleen Smith, Actor + Sports Reporter

"Tony was so helpful with my website. I'd already built the majority of it, and he generously helped solve a couple of issues I couldn't crack on my own. He listened very attentively to my questions, addressed each very thoroughly, and helped me with issues I didn't even know I had. After my meeting with Tony, I felt much better about the progress I'd made and about how to get the most out of my site!"

-Adam Wolfe, Drummer

"Tony and his team delivered the website I envisioned—clean, crisp, modern, user-friendly and exciting! They’re extremely helpful once the site is launched as well as with excellent customer service, follow-up and analytics. I also love how many visitors to the site remarked at how easy this redo was to navigate. Thumbs up from everyone!"

-Lea Salonga, Artist

"It's rare to find someone who is both an intuitive, thoughtful, elegant and sensitive artist and a responsible, ethical, visionary businessperson. Extremely rare. I have worked with Tony on two different websites; one for my one person show and one for myself as a professional. In both cases, Tony was responsive, passionate and full of ideas on the one hand but also able to combine his expertise with the very individual and unique person and artist that each one of his clients represents. I don’t feel that Tony has a 'cookie cutter' mentality but instead hears, sees and really creates a new vision for each client.  He does this with remarkable organization, meets (and often is done in advance of) all deadlines, sets up extremely clear goals and expectations and to top if all off, includes a way for his clients to learn how to maintain their own sites; he is a wonderful and patient teacher. I have worked with Tony for a period of three years now and every time I connect with him I always feel empowered and enlightened.  Plus he makes it fun!"

-Kate Fuglei, Artist

"Your work speaks for itself—every one of your websites has ease of use and a reflection of the individual or business represented. I’ve had a number of folks tell me that my website really reflects who I am, which is exactly what I wanted. I’ve also received a lot of comments about the clean, modern lines and its ease of use. Working to refine how you want to represent yourself requires a lot of self-reflection. You were there to help me work through that process and execute our shared vision. It was incredibly efficient, informative and empowering."

-Heather Townsend, Actor

"In order to take control of the business side of "the business" (at least in terms of website and social media), I knew this was the course for me. I wanted to take the next step in my career and I love how professional my website now looks! I also appreciate all of the personal attention that was given... seeing how the other peoples websites turned out and what their influences were and knowing no website would be cookie cutter.  I love having the tools and knowledge to take things into my own hands. It doesn't give me anxiety anymore!"

-Jennifer Noble, JenniferNoble.me

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"I wanted a website where I could compile information about my career in one place. The biggest value of this class is the final product.... a beautiful and functional homepage! However, watching Tony's design process and hearing the rationale behind each choice was invaluable. I feel like I'm better poised to launch my career in the direction I want to go. I have a better understanding of how to make myself more visible online and how to use the web for networking. I am set up to confidently make website adjustments on my own and am hoping the website will play a direct role in future bookings!"

-Daniel Hurst, DanielHurst.me

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"Last year, I had spent money, time and effort to obtain new headshots, reels and demos. I felt that the best place to showcase these things was a website. I had tried to build one on my own, but I needed support. What seemed like an impossible thing became possible with Tony's class. I now have a website and can maintain it myself. Tony is inspiring—positive, personal, professional and passionate about the business! All of this comes through in his teaching, and I was so excited for every class!"

-Bonnie Borst, BonnieBorst.com

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"A great website shares a clear sense of the person, product or service with
manageable information (not sensory overload) and ease of navigation. I felt that you had my back. You very clear in what you offered, how the process would go, and what you needed from me. I also felt that with your expertise you would come up with ideas that I wouldn’t think to think of. I was right. Working with you was delightful! You answered all questions along the way and were fun to work with! I’ve gotten great feedback from those who have checked it out.  My manager really likes it!"

-Diane Chernansky, Actor + Comic


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"I tried to do my own website and nothing was happening. I always thought I would get around to it when I had free time… I never did. Tony made the process super easy and totally fun! Once we talked about the look and feel, it just took off from there. It was exciting to get the updates, make edits and see it all come together. I was sad when we launched. I wanted to keep going!"

-Jacob Brent, Creator


WebsitesTony HowellComment

"Tony gave me so much attention, guidance, instruction, and advice. The amazing part of the process was learning so much! I sat with Tony for two hours for an incredible in-depth master class and he made me a library of videos that I continue to use as my reference when I need to update my website! I'm so grateful for his geyser of creativity and the depth and reach of his facility with technology. Tony's a kind and encouraging teacher and truly a Social Media Master!"

-Paula Plum, Actor/Writer/Director/Teacher

WebsitesTony HowellComment

"Tony is a wonderful person to work with. I have complete confidence in him, his ideas, and could not have wished for a friendlier and creative person. The ability to control my own site, to update whenever I need and have it look professional and beautiful, I could not be any happier with the process. I’ve already gotten several jobs and emails from the website—from prospective students, performances, to a show on Broadway!"

-Ray Wong, Pianist

WebsitesTony HowellComment

"I had a sense that you could help me organize my content in a way that would be tailored to my personal needs instead of a general template or cookie cutter presentation. I learned a lot from the experience and felt I was given all the tools I needed to not only develop the site with you, but also keep building on it once our time together was done. So far, everyone has been very excited about the new site and specifically commented on how easy it was to navigate and how professional it feels."

-Ioana Alfonso, Artist

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"You had your act together 110%. The process was fun, and surprisingly more in depth than I was expecting (in a good way). That beginning paperwork was extremely helpful—you’re excellent at channeling people’s desires and guiding them towards their goals. Also, your work is gorgeous. I feel extremely confident sharing my online presence now."

-Jordan Gaches, Actor

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"I wanted to collaborate with a strong and facile mind that did not work like mine. I chose you. Honestly, I was a little sad when we launched. I actually had that feeling I used to have when I completed a particularly great directing project when I would look up at my collaborators and say, 'That was cool! What else can we do?'"

-Christopher Gurr, Theatre Artist

WebsitesTony HowellComment

"Tony helped me with tweaks on my website that ended up being invaluable. He turned what was previously a multi-step process in getting new clients into a 1-step process. It's made all the difference in putting on new business. Now, when someone contacts me through my website, they've already made the decision to work with me. I don’t have to 'sell' them on anything. Working with Tony was eye-opening, informative, game-changing and, also, a lot of fun."

-Michael Buckley, Entrepreneur




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"Hiring Tony was the best investment I made in my business as an artist. Tony helped me to clarify and create my brand. My booking rate has increased and I'm attracting organic projects as a result of working with Tony and his amazing team!"

-Sheilah Smiley, Actress + Comedian

"Tony provided me with a terrific coaching session for the website and social media content of my new non-profit company, New Amsterdam Opera. His critiques were extremely helpful, and the changes were very easy to implement to bring my web presence to a higher level!! The session was tough, thorough but always supportive. Thanks, Tony!!"

-Keith Chambers, Artistic Director

"I met Tony through a seminar via Stagedoor Connections, and I instantly knew from his energy I wanted to work with him more personally! He is warm and friendly, but also a wealth of knowledge, tips, tricks, and advice! He is generous and makes the overwhelming task of trying to conquer the world wide web feel more achievable! I feel lucky to have crossed his path."

-Erika Lynn Guthier, Dancer