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My Story?

ACT ONE: 20 years acting (Broadway tours, Off-Broadway premieres, international and regional theatre).  

ACT TWO: 7+ years in Broadway marketing (Music Theatre International, Stage Door Connections, and helping many of the shows I performed in).

ACT THREE: Since 2013, running my own LLC as CEO in NYC!

Why does that matter?

It means I get you!

I know what it takes to sustain a life in the arts and run a successful business. I also know that the internet is full of opportunities—every single moment.

Because of sharing myself and my work online, I've been a featured speaker for Google, SAG-AFTRA, Actors' Equity, and more. Similarly, clients have booked dream jobs like series regulars on network TV, multiple Broadway and feature film roles, solo concert tours, V.I.P. industry relationships, and fans that support them 24/7.

"Putting yourself out there" will help create larger opportunities, reach more people, and instill a permanent legacy.

And yet... no one's sharing how, right?

My method combines strategy, design, and education. Together, we'll create a completely customized online presence that works for you—your very own name-brand empire where you’re CEO managing global operations 24/7. Say what?!

Show the world you mean business! I’ll show you a way that’s authentic, strategic, inspired, and fun!