Digital Strategy For Artists

Make things, make things better and make things happen.

That's my motto. 

At 31, I've spent...

  • 20 years as an actor
  • 7 years in Broadway marketing
  • 3+ years building brands, careers and businesses

Like you, I strive to make a difference and leave a legacy. I also aspire to change the world. Yaaaaaaas!

Despite old-school prejudices and bureaucracies, I believe in a world of equal opportunity. Thanks to the internet, social media and mobile technology, power is now (mostly) democratized.

You can reach just about anyone and everyone with the touch of a button. However, before you can speak to 7+ billion people or even just one V.I.P. influencer, we have to figure out what you really want, how to present yourself and what to say.

I combine coaching with digital strategy. Alongside a tiny but mighty team, we find an online presence that works for you—not just your comfort zone, but a 24/7 international representation creating offline results. 

Our clients are Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award-winning artists, as well as students and seniors completely new to "the business" or "the web". Our results include A-list relationships, films, Broadway and TV shows... but also a sense of peace that you're in control of your brand, image and web presence.

I love what I do. I love the online world and helping people to grow and get results more quickly, easily and effectively. My job (and joy) is to design your future. 


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